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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

We offer The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ an assessment-based, one-day learning experience that is intended to help people discover what it takes to build a high-performing team.  Based on the groundbreaking work of author Patrick Lencioni, this course helps your organization develop better teamwork, so that your team develops greater:

  • Trust in each other
  • Ability to engage in conflict around ideas
  • Commitment to decisions
  • Ability to hold each other accountable
  • Focus on achieving collective results

Bringing together everyone’s personalities and preferences to develop a cohesive, productive team takes work, but the payoff can be phenomenal for your people, the team, and the organization.


Productive Conflict

Team Development Services is excited to offer clients a new one-day learning event — Productive Conflict — that helps teams to deal with conflict by increasing self-awareness around conflict behaviors.

If you are seeking training that will help your team effectively respond to the unavoidable challenges of workplace conflict, this may be the right solution for you.  We invite you to contact Team Development Services to discuss your plans and schedules for 2018.

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