Teamwork for Boards of Directors & Executive Teams

Team Development Services (TDS) is a business consulting firm that works directly with Boards of Directors/Trustees and Executive Teams in developing and improving the teamwork of the board or team itself.

Boards and executive teams have much to accomplish during their terms. The temptation is to jump right into the task at hand.  Within a few months, cracks in the board or team can emerge, work slows down, and leaders may begin to wonder if anything positive will be accomplished.

TDS believes in first paying attention to building a strong foundation of teamwork on the Board of Directors/Trustees, or Executive Team.  With teamwork at the highest level of the organization, not only does strategic planning become more meaningful, but the entire organization starts to become more cohesive and focused on accomplishing everything it sets out to do.

“Teamwork is not a virtue, it is a choice — and a strategic one.”

— Patrick Lencioni

What We Offer

Board/Team Formation – Does your board or team have the right people serving in the right places?  TDS offers clients an assessment-based board/team formation strategy that assists leaders in getting individuals with the correct skills and attributes into the correct positions from the start.

Productive Conflict for the Board and Executive Team – When people serving on boards or teams disagree, things can quickly become disagreeable and damaging. TDS offers a four-hour assessment-based training for boards and teams to help directors/trustees/members understand their own — and others’ — conflict patterns and motivations. This training helps boards and teams navigate conflict successfully and even turn conflict into a positive and productive event.

The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Boards and Executive Teams – Good teamwork doesn’t “just happen.” It is the outcome of intentional practices that start with building trust and end with a focus on achieving organizational goals. TDS offers clients an assessment-based, one-day training that assists them in forging together the strengths of individuals to form a strong, unstoppable team.

Strategic planning – If your organization is ready to formulate a strategic plan call on TDS to facilitate your planning.  TDS helps clients to roll out organizational strategy to the business unit, department, and individual contributor levels and also can assist in establishing online dashboards to keep everything and everyone on track.

Board leadership development – Leaders of boards and executive teams often appreciate the opportunity to learn more about their leadership styles and how they may become more effective in their roles. TDS offers an assessment-based one day training based on “The Key Work of Leaders” that provides insight into the leader’s behavioral tendencies and indicates areas of strength and areas for future personal development.

Executive coaching – Executive coaching takes place in a business relationship of trust that develops over time. TDS provides a mature and thoughtful sounding board for board leaders and executives of client organizations.

About Us

Janet McNally, D.Ed. SPHR is the owner and principal educational consultant for Team Development Services. She is an experienced management professional with over 25 years in human resources and organizational development.    Dr. McNally has been teaching Management and Leadership courses for the Business department at Penn State York for the past 14 years.

Janet is a consultant with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organization’s (PANO) Consultant Collaborative, a team that works with nonprofits across Pennsylvania and beyond.